Pre-Election Assessment to Bangladesh: Recruitment Notice – Political and Electoral Expert

Short-term Position Contingent on Funding

The Carter Center’s Democracy Program works globally to support democratic elections and strengthen participatory democracy, consistent with human rights. The overarching objective is to enhance democratic governance and increase effective political participation for all, especially groups that have been historically disadvantaged or that face political, cultural, or socioeconomic barriers.

The Carter Center may deploy a pre-election assessment mission to Bangladesh to explore the extent to which international election observation or other activities may be welcomed and useful around anticipated general elections in January 2024. Pending availability of funds, the Center is now recruiting a highly qualified individual for a short-term political and electoral expert position with anticipated deployment to Bangladesh in April 2023.

Applicants should have a minimum of 10 years of senior-level experience on Bangladeshi politics, culture, and/or democracy and elections. English language proficiency is essential. Bangla language skills are highly desirable. Leadership skills, cross-cultural understanding, and the ability to provide advice and guidance regarding democracy promotion are required.  

Responsibilities in Brief:

  • Become familiar with the legal, constitutional, and regulatory framework for elections in Bangladesh, as well as any other relevant laws, regulations (media, judicial system, electoral procedures, etc.), and political participation issues, including those related to gender, ethnic minorities, disability, and poverty.
  • Coordinate with Carter Center staff to conduct meetings with interlocutors in Bangladesh including senior government officials, political party leaders, civil society leaders, and the international community as part of an assessment of the pre-election environment in preparation for a potential election observation mission(s) and determine the prospects for election observation mission(s) to have an impact and add value toward supporting genuine democratic elections.
  • Provide a written assessment, in conjunction with other team members, on political and electoral issues in Bangladesh.
  • Draft an internal report(s) on key issues related to upcoming elections.
  • Other services related to election assessment(s) and research as requested.


  1. 10 years of experience in Bangladeshi politics, culture, and democracy/elections is preferred.
  2. Knowledge of the political and electoral situation in Bangladesh is required, and professional experience in Bangladesh is highly desirable.
  3. Advanced degree in relevant field is preferred.
  4. Familiarity with the technical procedures required for constituency delimitation, voter registration, candidate registration, and other steps of electoral preparation is preferred.
  5. Demonstrated ability to provide advice, guidance and analyses regarding politics and elections.
  6. Cross-cultural understanding and a background working in sensitive political situations.
  7. Strong English communication skills are required; knowledge of or fluency in Bangla would be an asset.
  8. Competence with standard computer applications.

All applications must be submitted through the following link:

Questions should be submitted to

Note: As this would be an international assessment, Bangladeshi nationals are not eligible for this role. Only candidates selected for an interview or additional consideration will be notified.

Deadline for submissions: March 5, 2023